Montgomery, Ala. (EETV) - An executive order signed today by Alabama Governor Kay Ivey put an end to 18 committees, commissions and councils. This order is part of Ivey's mission to "steady the ship of state".

Each of the committees, commissions and councils ended by today's order were started by impeached Governor Robert Bentley

In the order Ivey said "It is my duty as Governor to examine the membership and evaluate the progress outcomes of these study and advisory groups..."

Full list of committees, commissions and councils ended by today's order:

1. Alabama Commission on improving state government

2. Governor's Costal Insurance Commission 

3. Alabama Forest Recovery Task Force

4. Alabama Health Insurance Exchange Study Commission 

5. Alabama Economic Development Alliance 

6. Integrated Law Enforcement Task Force

7. Governor's College and Career Ready Task Force

8. Alabama Medicaid Pharmacy Study Commission

9. Alabama Industrial Energy Advisory Team

10. Alabama Small Business Commission

11. Alabama Small Business Advisory Committee

12. Alabama Health Care Improvement Task Force

13. Alabama Human Resources Task Force

14. Tax Exemption Advisory Council

15. Health Liberty Partnership of Alabama

16. Alabama Consumer Credit Task Force

17. Alabama Solid Waste Management Task Force

18. Alabama Advisory Council on Gaming

19. Grocery Tax Task Force