Auburn, Ala. (EETV) - Auburn University President Dr. Steven Leath is spending his first days on campus visiting with student leaders. During his time at Eagle Eye, Dr. Leath talked about his plans for Auburn and what he enjoys outside of being President.

"Auburn has great traditions... we don't want to touch that," said Leath in a one on one interview with EETV. "We want to use resources wisely. We will create a greater sense of urgency in our employees and streamline so we can be as efficient as possible."

Before Auburn, Dr. Leath was the President at Iowa State University for five years. His tenure at Iowa State saw its share of controversy. Leath sparked outrage by canceling Veishea, a week long celebration at the university. Leath suspended the event in 2014, and later cancelled it completely.

Leath also faced criticism over his use of a university aircraft. During one flight, which Leath piloted, a hard landing damaged parts of the plane according to the Des Moines Register.

Leath's time at Iowa State also saw many successes. Under Leath's administration, Iowa State saw record enrollment, an increased graduation rate, and increases in research and fundraising.

Leath briefly discussed his love for flying but said that his first love is archery and hunting: "I like to get out in the field with my dog and take my bow out as often as I can."

Leath says he gets satisfaction from seeing others succeed.

Dr. Leath will take over as President later this month when Dr. Jay Gogue officially retires. Leath will be the 19th President of Auburn University.