MONTGOMERY, AL (EETV) - The Alabama House Judiciary Committee has released the impeachment report regarding Governor Robert Bentley. 

After Bentley's wife recorded a him speaking provocatively to his chief advisor, Rebekah Mason, a spiral of events caused a full investigation occurred. 

The impeachment process began on April 28, 2016, when 23 members of the Alabama House of Representatives introduced a bill that included two articles of impeachment against Bentley. Since then, the investigation of the charges by the House Judiciary Committee has been thorough, "despite Governor Bentley's obstructive tactics."

Over 10,000 pages of documents were reviewed and more than 20 witnesses were interviewed throughout the investigation. 

The impeachment report states, "Governor Bentley and his associates, including Rebekah Mason, refused to cooperate in any meaningful sense and, indeed, obstructed this investigation." The report notes that his non-cooperation alone could be ground for impeachment. 

The report also noted that Governor Bentley has received more due process throughout the investigation, despite the U.S. and Alabama constitutions saying that all citizens should have the same due process. Bentley also directed law enforcement officials to advance his personal interests. 

Click on the document below to view the full report: