8:01 - Telfair B. Peet Theatre set up for today "Conversation with Tim Cook: A Personal View of Inclusion and Diversity. While you wait for our feed to start, check out our exclusive interview with Tim Cook. 

8:30 - Doors open at Telfair B. Peet Theatre. Students filing in for today's event.


Chairs set up on stage for conversation with Tim Cook

10:00 -  Tim Cook: A Conversation on Inclusion and Diversity begins.

10:04 - Tim Cook begins speaking. 

"Auburn is really not a place. It's a feeling and a spirit."

"Each generation has the responsibility to enlarge the definition of human rights."

 "Diversity is the invisible things as well"

"We seek diversity of thought. Diversity of life experience."

"If you think about what it means to be an American... I think about freedom of speech, of the press, freedom to protest the government, freedom of religion."

"We need to allow for the possibility that we're wrong on some things."

"We have to figure out how to help the people that globalization hasn't."

"If you're like me, you'll always prefer home. It's the feeling I get when I come here."

"We believe education is a basic civil right.... education now is based on the location you happen to be born in."

"We work on policy things as opposed to politics. We're probably one of the only large companies that doesn't have a political action committee."

"A company's culture is the single most important thing in a company."

"We hire wicked smart people that want to change the world, intellectually curious, team players, people who want to work in collaboration."

"We don't believe in politics. We don't believe in beauracracy."

"When I get up in the morning, I say 'Good morning Siri'"

"We're a culture where the best ideas win."

"We're putting a lot of emphasis on autonomy. We really think hard before going into a new category. We only go into categories we think we can make significant contributions to humanity in."

Full video available here