Auburn, Ala. (EETV)- On October 5th, Eagle Eye Reporter, Oliver Mills, located himself centrally on the Auburn University campus to ask students and faculty near the Haley Center how covid-19 has made this semester different compared to previous ones.

Interviewing two seniors, a freshman, the instructor of Human Development and Family Studies, as well as the Dean at the College of Liberal Arts, the responses all varied. However, each response illustrated that this season has been one which has forced adaptation and instilled within us all an opportunity to overcome.

Isabelle Washington as a freshman at Auburn University, discussed during the interview how this term has made it more difficult to meet people due to coronavirus restrictions. Additionally, she mentioned how it has been harder to establish structure since online learning places the responsibility on the individual whereas it is typically enforced in the physical classroom.

Alike Isabelle, Robby Hill, a senior at Auburn University, also grapples with cultivating motivation at this time.

Sydney Woods, another senior at Auburn University, emphasizes that it is burdensome to take higher level classes without being able to engage with professors as much. She has had to adjust by being creative with completion on group projects, and staying proactive with reaching out to professors to ask for help when it is imperative.

Emily Cumbie is a member of the Auburn University faculty, working at the Human Development and Family Studies center. She relays that numbers at the preschool have been much lower this year. Management has also been different this year, and more challenging, since keeping masks on preschoolers has presented quite the obstacle! Emily Cumbie explains that the establishment's largest concentration has been on devoting consciousness to the faculty’s space and closeness with the children… finding a balance between staying healthy and cultivating a nurturing learning environment.

The Dean at the College of Liberal Arts, Joseph Aistrup, also brought up a key differentiation between this semester and typical ones; the concentration upon technology. Now, more than ever before we are all relying upon technology, and while it has always been present in academia it has not been as prevalent as it is amidst this pandemic.

Adjusting to safety mandates, newfound reliance upon technology, lack of in-person instruction, less opportunity to build community amongst peers, and the struggle to muster up an abundance of determination have been just a few of the obstacles that students and faculties are facing. Yet, despite the challenges unveiled by covid-19, the Auburn Family has tredged forward powerfully, noticing both the hardships and ways to conquer them.