Auburn, AL (EETV) -In devotion to bringing women to the public forefront The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art at Auburn University has recently begun a year long public display of contemporary sculptures in the Noel and Kathryn Wadsworth Gallery. 

2020 brings with it the centennial anniversary of the 19th amendment. In celebration of this, several places across the country are beginning art exhibitions similar to this particular one. The director, and Chief Curator of the project, Cindi Malnick, explains the collection’s aims to commemorate women in all of their diverse glory. She further explains how women have often been marginalized in the art world and how this exhibition parallels the contemporary art world’s progress in carving a place for women. 

This collection truly captures the resplendence of women due to the magnificent works of younger artists, such as Cristina Cordova and Kyungmin Park, who highlight the beauty of the female form in a sensual way. Additionally, Elizabeth Catlett, Dorthy Dehner, Louise Nevelson, and Beverly Pepper cultivate the attention of the viewers towards non-narrative formal matters of gender. 

There is free access to this new exhibition, for guests in the community along with students of the University. The “Feminist Forms: Contemporary Sculpture from the Permanent Collection,” can be viewed until May 8th. Furthermore, heading further into the new year this budding collection will evolve with the addition of new pieces. “Feminist Forms,” will be joined by, “From Her Innermost Self: Visionary Art of Southern Women,” on Feburary 18th. On March 24th the, “Weight of Black: Works by Anila Quayyum Agha,” will follow. 

Although admission to view this exhibition is free a $5 donation is appreciated. For more information, go to