Karah Rhodes


​Crayola adds a new, “Bluetiful” color to the 24-count family

Keith Urban might think “Blue Ain’t Your Color,” but Crayola thinks otherwise. On Thursday, the staple crayon company, Crayola, announced a new shade of blue named “bluetiful” to join the current 24-count Crayola box. According to Fox News, the name “bluetiful” beat other potential names in a nationwide competition created by Crayola including “blue moon bliss, “dreams come true,” “reach for the stars,” and “star spangled blue.” “Bluetiful” is replacing the color “dandelion” in the Crayola 24-pack, making it the first time a color was removed and replaced since the original box was released.

Seeking shelter fast: Twenty precautionary items you should have as precaution throughout tropical storm Irma

AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - With tropical storm Hurricane Irma moving its way across the Gulf into the Southeast, taking precautionary measures and having household items close by is always a smart idea. Listed are twenty items that you should have packed in case of emergency: *Items are listed in no particular order. Non-perishable food and snacks Bottled water Plastic utensils, disposable plates and cups Flashlight Blanket Extra full set of clothes Coat (preferably wind/rain resistant) Whistle Duct tape Standard First Aid Kit Garbage bags Moist towelettes Non-prescription medications such as pain relievers Half-full tank of gas in vehicle Extra sturdy pair of shoes Waterproof, portable containers Extra pack(s) of batteries Personal hygiene items Cell phone/handheld radio Phone charger/laptop charger (Portable/wireless charger battery pack if available) Students should know their nearest severe weather shelter location and keep up to date of weather alerts and verify that they are subscribed to receive severe weather notifications from AU ALERT.

Bebe Rexha no longer performing at Auburn Airwaves

Due to a counter offer to perform at “America’s Got Talent” on the same day, Bebe Rexha will no longer be performing at the UPC sponsored Auburn Airwaves concert. At this time, there are no definite performers contracted to replace Rexha.