AUBURN, Ala. --  A new study conducted by The Home Security Advisor has named Auburn one of the safest cities to live in for Alabama residents. 

The study ranked Auburn as the 30th safest city in the state. This study is based off of several factors, including crime rates, types of crimes committed and size of the city. The study placed violent crimes as a higher indicator than property crimes. 

According to the study, Alabama‚Äôs average violent crime ratings are at 524 crimes per 100,000 people. The average rating for property crimes falls at 2,957 per 100,000 people. 

Helena, Alabama ranks as the safest city in the state of Alabama, with only 16 violent crimes and 93 property crimes. 

This ranking is lower than the No. 17 ranking that Auburn received from the National Council for Home Safety and Security for 2018, according to their website. This study also rates Alabama as 41st for crime in the United States, the 1st ranking state being the one with the lowest crime.