Auburn, Ala. - Beginning on August 28, Bird scooters began to appear around Auburn in what the company called their “pop-up” tour.

The app-based transportation company had not yet obtained a business license and were asked by the city to end all operations and remove scooters until all licensing issues were resolved.

The city began to remove the scooters after Bird did not cease operations by its given deadline.

In a statement to Eagle Eye TV, the company said, “Auburn shares Bird’s vision of getting cars off the road to help reduce traffic and carbon emissions. We have reached out to city officials and are having conversations about building a framework that will allow the people of Auburn continued access to our affordable, environmentally friendly transportation option.”

According to a news release from the city, officials and staff will meet with Bird this week to discuss operations and licenses, along with public safety concerns and issues with the business model which the company uses.