Auburn, Ala. -- Auburn University has just opened nominations for its awards program that honors the university's top alumni entrepreneurs.

These awards are presented by Auburn's Harbert College of Business as a part of their 2019 Auburn Entrepreneurship Summit. This

summit will honor Auburn's alumni who have shown that they are established or emerging business leaders.

The awards cover all disciplines and include categories such as:

Entrepreneur Hall of Fame: This category focuses on alumni who graduated over 10 years ago. The Entrepreneur Hall of Fame honors alumni who have demonstrated great accomplishments throughout their careers in business and who have worked hard through adversity. Some previous winners in this category include Stryker Corporation Chairman Emeritus John Brown; Simulations Plus Co-Founder Walter Woltosz; and former Accenture Chairman Joe Forehand Jr.

Entrepreneur of the Year: This award is also only open to alumni who graduated over 10 years ago. This award is made to honor those

who have accomplished significant feats in their field throughout the past calendar year.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year: This award is for any alumni who graduated within the past 10 years. This award is set to honor anyone who has displayed entrepreneurial spirit and achievements while launching or leading business over the past calendar year.

Top Tigers Awards: This category has awards made to honor any Auburn alumni who has founded, owned or led the fastest-growing businesses. This category picks from small, medium and large businesses and is determined by the business' revenue growth.

Nominations for these awards are due on December 14, and can be submitted here.

For more information about Auburn University's Entrepreneurship Summit, click here.