AUBURN, Ala. (EETV)- The new Auburn University Student Government Association Assistant Vice Presidents have been named by new president Dane Block. 

According to a list obtained by Eagle Eye TV, the following appointments have been named:

AVP Marketing Organization: Whitney Say 

AVP of Creative Marketing: Jack Wilbanks

AVP of External Affairs: Ashley Satterfield 

AVP of Campus Life: Brooks Jones

AVP of Academic Affairs: MB Smith

AVP of Facilities: Grant Johnson

AVP of Programs 1: Kennedye McGhee

AVP of Programs 2: Katherine Neil

AVP of Programs 3: Caroline Matthews 

AVP of Athletics: Brooks Jackson

AVP of Outreach Projects: Julianne Lyn

AVP of Outreach Feedback: Asna Fidai

AVP of Outreach Campus Relations: Jayla Coleman

AVP of Finance: Abhi Gulati

Executive Director of Elections: Bri Thomas

Executive Director of Schools Council: Haley Falkenberry