Auburn, Ala. (EETV)- Korean Corner hosts panel discussion to discuss conflicting issues the United States has concerning North Korea, and the direction we are headed. 

This past Thursday, November 9, 2017, Auburn University's Korean Corner held "The North Korean Conflict: Where Are We Headed?"-- a panel discussion from 6:00 to 7:30 in the Sciences Center Auditorium.

This public event was created to obtain a thorough understanding of the history of conflicts on politics, economy and the national security. The featured panelist included William B. Brown, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and adjunct professor; Hyeongwoo Kim, professor of economics at Auburn; and Lawrence Grinter, retired professor of Asian Studies, Air War College, and Department of International Security Studies. The question/answer session was led by Matthew Clary, visiting professor at Auburn University in the department of Political Science.

Each panelist discussed different, individual takes on Korea and the direction we, as a country, are headed. Grinter’s focus was on U.S-ROK Policy Options towards North Korea. A few of Grinter's main points were focused around military strikings, dialogues/negotiations, and deterrence. Brown referred to a personalized list he created including eight propositions to deal with the issues of North Korea. "Core problems with North Korea is it's Marxist, Command economy system." says Brown. "This system is in slow motion collapse."

This panel discussion was informative and had much participation from students and other guests.The Korean Corner, supported by the Auburn University’s Outreach, works to bridge the gap between the Korean Community and non-Korean communities through collaborative efforts and educational experiences.