AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - “Social experiments” are one of the newest fads to sweep the online scene in recent years. They generally involve staged situations in public settings (for example, people staging fights or other kinds of conflict) meant to candidly capture bystander’s reactions with the intent of using them to make a certain point about society. In honor of October being National Bullying Awareness month, Burger King unexpectedly chose to ride the coattails of this trend in a recent video.  In the video, viewers are treated to two different scenarios: one wherein high school students bully other students in real Burger King locations, and another wherein Burger King employees beat up customers’ Whoppers before serving them.

Burger King found that people were more willing to speak out when their Whoppers were in immediate danger rather than for the victims of the actual bullies. It’s a disheartening find and certainly gives viewers a lot to consider. However, not all is gloom-and-doom—Burger King also found in some instances that there were many people who were genuinely willing to call out the bullies and offer the victims consolation and support.

While unexpected to say the least, Burger King’s video certainly serves as a strong reminder that there’s always more we can do to speak out against discrimination. You can check out the video for yourself in the link below!