A new annual challenge called “Inktober” has made its way up from the depths of the internet, and it’s here to test your mettle as an artist. Created in 2009 by an online artist named Jake Parker, Inktober is a list of 31 one-word prompts corresponding to each day of October. Artists are challenged to come up with a drawing every day in response to that day’s prompt, and are encouraged to either color the drawing or at least outline it using inked pens. It’s a fun and slightly cerebral experience, with artists having to design creative responses to vague prompts such as “crooked,” or “trail” or “poison.”

      If you’re not an artist, there’s still plenty of entertainment value to be found in this challenge for spectators. As Inktober becomes increasingly mainstream, with its popularity increasing drastically each year, artists oftentimes take to websites like Twitter to post the fruits of their labors. Browsing the Inktober hashtag on most social media sites will take you to some really cool and interesting art.

      This year’s prompts can be found on Jake Parker’s website, listed below. Other people online have also come up with more streamlined prompts that carry specific themes or rulesets for those looking for a twist in their Inktober experience.

       With Inktober being placed back-to-back with November’s hugely popular NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), expect to see an uptick in monthly challenges like these. Time to get drawing!