AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - A rape has been reported by Auburn Campus Safety & Security. A female believes she was raped at an on-campus fraternity house early Saturday morning by an unknown male. She did not provide consent and noted that alcohol was a factor.

The victim has chosen not to report this incident to the police. It is her right to choose whether or not to report a crime.

Campus Safety & Security wrote reminders for students about sexual abuse:

- Sexual contact with someone who is incapacitated is rape and is a felony. A person does not have to be passed out in order to be incapacitated. Someone who is temporarily incapable of appraising or controlling his or her conduct due to the influence of a narcotic or intoxicating substance is incapacitated.

- Alcohol is the most common drug used to facilitate sexual assault.

- It is important for everyone involved in a sexual act to give consent to all aspects of the act. Consent means a clear and sober “yes,” given freely.

- It is a myth that it can’t happen to you. Sexual assault can happen to anyone, regardless of age, race, class, religion, occupation, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, educational background, or physical description. Rape is never the victim’s fault.

If you are a victim of sexual assault, you should:

- Preserve evidence. Do not shower or change your clothing.

- Dial 911 for emergency assistance or immediately go to the nearest hospital (in the Auburn area, East Alabama Medical Center located at 2000 Pepperell Parkway in Opelika, Alabama) to get medical care and request a Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (“rape kit”).

Report it. Notification options include:

- Dial 911 (emergencies) or 334-501-3100 to reach the Auburn Police Division. The police are the only entity that can investigate a sexual assault for the means of criminal prosecution. It is important for them to gather evidence as soon as possible.

- Dial 334-844-4794 to report the incident to the Auburn University Title IX Coordinator. The Title IX Office receives official complaints of violations of the university’s Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence.

- All survivors are encouraged to report the assault, but it is always the survivor’s choice whether or not to do so.

Sexual Assault Survivor Advocates On and Off Campus (24 hours a day)

- Safe Harbor (on campus) – 334-844-7233 or

- Rape Counselors of East Alabama (community) – 334-705-0510

- Resources for Survivors: