Auburn, Ala. (EETV) - Gus Malzahn finally faced the media since the disappointing offensive performance his Auburn Tigers put on in their 14-6 loss to Clemson. 

"Offensively we didn't get it done the other night," said Malzahn. "We are going to be a good offense. You'll see that group improve each week."

Auburn's offense struggled against Clemson, only making two redzone appearances where they were only able to come away with field goals. 

Jarrett Stidham was the main factor in the Auburn struggles, rushing for negative 42 yards and passing for only 79 yards. 

"I thought he played with courage. I thought he fought," Malzahn said on Stidham. "I thought he played extremely hard."

However, the offense wasn't all of Stidham's fault, the offensive line allowed him to get sacked 11 times on the night. 

The line seems to be a weakness for the Tigers but Malzahn said that there would probably be no personnel changes this week, but will see how practice goes. 

"We believe in our players," said Malzahn. "They are going to improve...we'll challenge those guys."

With their offensive struggles, offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey told Malzahn that he would be moving upstairs for his play calling.

"He just feels he can get a better feel for the defenses and everything that goes with that," said Malzahn.

Lindsey has typically called plays from upstairs when he was at Arizona State, the move looks to be permanent. 

One thing that was not a concern for the Tigers after their loss to Clemson was their defense.

Earlier in the week, Malzahn said the game at Clemson would be a good measuring stick of where the team would be.

"What we know after that game defensively, we've got a real defense," said Malzahn. "Very proud of those guys and the way they played."

The defense put Auburn in a place to win the game, allowing only two touchdowns and forcing two turnovers from Clemson. 

With this weeks game against Mercer looming, many fans are frustrated Malzahn and the Tiger offense.

To which Malzahn says, "we are gonna to improve. We are going to be a good offense, and that is for sure. And that's their frustration and I understand that. So, it's natural to say that and I get that and I own that. But we are going to improve."

The Tigers will look to improve their offense Saturday against Mercer. Kickoff is set for 3 p.m.