AUBURN, ALA. (EETV) – After the harrowing Charlottesville violence last week, race relations have been tense and those who participated in the rally have been strongly condemned.

19-year-old Nicholas Fuentes was at the white nationalist rally last weekend and promised that a “tidal wave of white identity is coming” in a Facebook message.

Claiming he has received 15 death threats following the rally, Fuentes decided not to return to Boston University, where he finished freshman year, and is hoping to transfer in the spring to Auburn.

Fuentes feels that Auburn is a safer option because, even though he is a conservative, “If you go down South and are a liberal, you won’t fear for your life.”

He told that, “"I'm ready to return to my base, return to my roots, to rally the troops and see what I can do down there."

Fuentes became infamous on BU’s campus after a video of him expressing his extreme political views was posted.

He told the Boston Globe that he attended the rally not as a white nationalist or racist, but in order to protest immigration and multiculturalism.